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چیچہ وطنی ریلوے اسٹیشن
Railway Station


Many of the railway stations in Pakistan were built before 1918, and many of these have not been maintained over the years. In 1918 the current town of Chichawatni did not exist. At the time there was village as called Chichwatni (now called Purani Chichawatni or old Chichawatni). This settlement was 5 km in the north of the Main Railway line of Pakistan. In 1918 a railway station on the north side of Railway line was built for Purani Chichawatni, adjacent to the Railway line in the north there is the Chichwatni Forest. Because of this new Chichwatni was planned on the south side of the Railway line. In 1927 a new station was built but on the same side of north, however the population of new Chichawatni spread only along the south side, because to the north there is a huge Jungle(forest). While the station of 1927 was still on the wrong side for the new city. People had to travel a lot to reach the station of 1927. Due to personal efforts of local MNA Rai Azizullah Khan(MP)(2002–2007),the project was sanctioned by Prime MInister Zafarullah Jamali and the government established a new railway station on the right side of the city. Pakistan Railway had neglected the area, until July 2007 when a new railway station was established.


Trains Timing

Khyber Mail
3:17 PM
Allama Iqbal Express
6:19 AM
9:02 AM
Awam Express
1:50 AM
Jaffar Express
4:07 AM


Chichawatni Railway Station New Building
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